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The Main Parts of the SPEEDWORKS Turbo Kits are:

  • Garrett/KKK Turbochargers which are the most popular and reliable turbos around today.
  • They come with special designed Turbo Exhaust Manifold with heat-shields for reliability and keep the turbo heat away.
  • Turbo Kits are supplied with aluminium Alloy High Flow Intercooler for front mounted to give maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Piggy Back ECU – Japan (Greddy E-Manage Ultimate) / USA (SS) controlling the turbo fuel and ignition required and to maintain all other systems as standard.
  • Kit replaces 4 new bigger Fuel Injectors to get accurate increase fuel distribution during boost. (Economical kits use 1 extra fuel injector)
  • Hot Bits Full Mandrel Bent Turbo Exhaust System ( Turbo to tail-pipe to ensure free flow with no back pressure to prevent heat built up and restrict turbo boost)
  • K&N Open Pod Air Filter (the best unrestricted flow air filter) is used with Hot Bits adaptors with heat-shields to get only cool air and unrestricted outside air. (the kit is designed with the best position to get outside cool air)
  • All Turbo Pipes are stainless steel and mandrel bent with Silicone Hoses (heat-resistant) to suit.
  • Greddy Blow-off Valve is included in kit to give the sporty turbo blow-off sound


  • All Turbo Kits are Dyno Tuned (in-house 4WD Dyno) for all fuel and ignition cells map extensively and tested with many hours on all road conditions to ensure the Turbo ECU Map can run without any hitches.
  • All Speedworks Turbo Kits are tuned with 0.5 to 0.7 Bar Boost using only RON 95 Petrol without any adverse effects to all standard engine parts. Power increases are about 50% in BHP and torque. NB: We got 90% BHP Increase on the Perodua Viva!
  • Warranty is 6 months.
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Complete Turbo Kit with Full Exhaust System, Intercooler, ECU, Injector & a Tuned Map..
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Complete Turbo Kit with Full Exhaust System, Intercooler, ECU, Injector & a Tuned Map..
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